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CHS Feed Center

The CHS Feed Center carries a wide selection of livestock, pet and wildlife feed, supplements and equipment. With over 50 years combined experience in this area, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in maintaining your animals and getting them the nutrition they need to keep them healthy and performing at their best. Just to list a few, we carry Equis, Triple Crown, Payback, Purina, Running Horse, Royal Canin, Country Vet, Big Sky Organic, Sensible Choice, Diamond, etc. We also provide feeders, hay, grain, salt, salt blocks, mineral/vitamin blocks, nutritional treats and more!

The CHS Feed Center also carries CHS's own brand of horse feed, Equis, which offers different options depending on your horse's specific needs. The Equis Line consists of Generation, Rice Bran Pellets, Golden Senior, Complete, Element, Performance and Ultramin. Equis is Made in Montana and has quality nutrition at affordable pricing. With advanced nutrition formulations, the Equis Feed Line promises to achieve the next level of excellence in the Equine Feed Market.



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CHS Feed Center

Manager:  Ken Sederdahl

505 West Center Street, Kalispell, MT ~ Look for the Silos ~ (406) 755-7439